Fungal Nail Treatment

Clearanail: The three step solution

Are your toenails: Discoloured? Thickened? Crumbling?

Absolute Footcare can now reach fungal nail infections safely and effectively.

  • A breakthrough in the treatment of fungal nail
  • One quick and single procedure
  • Uses advanced controlled micro penetration to allow access to the areas of infection without destroying the nail
  • Only available through your podiatrist

Fungal nail infection (Onychomycosis) is a common and stubborn condition. Traditional methods of treatment are ineffective as the active ingredients cannot penetrate through the nail to the whole of the infection. This means years of unsightly, and sometimes uncomfortable nails.

Absolute Footcare specialise in a new, extremely effective treatment: Clearanail. This treatment is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) technology. The device is computer controlled and completely safe, painless, and quick. The small holes allow the topical solution to reach the infection enabling subsequent applications of the topical treatment solution. This in turn leads to effective treatment in clearing the fungal infection.

To be clear of your Fungal Nails contact Absolute Footcare today.

High success compared with conventional methods.

The three step solution

3 step solution treatment



3 step solution

3 step solution